Warcraft I & II Bundle [FitGirl Repack]

About This Game

Enter the world of Warcraft, a mystical land where evil Orcs and noble Humans battle for survival and domination. With an ingenious arsenal of weaponry and powerful magic, these two forces collide in a contest of cunning, intellect, and brute strength.

Warcraft II Battle.net Edition – Return to the Age of Chaos and wage war against live Orc and Human opponents with the same skill and fearless intensity you lived and breathed in your Warcraft: Orcs and Humans career. Put your skills to the ultimate test in the most epic Warcraft II battles ever.

Included Content

  • Warcraft: Orcs & Humans
  • Warcraft II Alpha-version
  • Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition v2.00.v4, MULTi3
  • Bonus Content (Community maps, OST, Wallpapers, Manual)
  • Optional Russian localization for both games
  • Lossless CD-quality music for Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition