Shady Part of Me Build 09.12.2020 [FitGirl Repack]

About This Game Shady Part of Me sends you on an emotional and dream-like journey, with breathtaking artistic direction and the enthralling voice of Hannah Murray (Game of Thrones, Skins). As a little girl and her shadow, overcome emotional struggles through surreal dreamscapes across a touching narrative filled with twists and surprises. Both must learn, … Read more

The Hand of Glory Part 1 + Part 2, v1.1 [FitGirl Repack]

About This Game The challenge from a dangerous serial killer plummets detective Lazarus Bundy‚Äôs career into a chasm with no way out. In a desperate attempt at a comeback, Lazarus decides to secretly investigate the disappearance of Kathrin Mulzberg, the young descendant of one of the most influential families in the city. From the sunny … Read more