About This Game Kill the Pineapple is a trippy Third Person Shooter in a psychedelic dream-worldwith a story mode and a survival/arena mode. Your goal is to find and killPineapple Head, the leader of an organisation called “Pineapple Corp.”, which destroysyour Planet by harvesting resources for their cocktails.Use a variety of weapons to fight your … Read more


About This Game Game plot:You received a distress signal from a distance, but when you reached this huge spacecraft, no one noticed it.Content and gameplay-The player operator fights with unknown creatures-Collect props-Explore the mapGame features:-Real and exciting game mode in the first person.-Tense and terrifying game atmosphere.-Try to survive and escape from this spaceship(The game … Read more


About This Game BOMJMAN is an epic saga based on a cartoon with the same name. The game will immerse you in the atmosphere of a grim post-cyber-antiutopistic megalopolis whose streets have been swept by an unbelievably colossal wave of injustice that paralyzed all the peace-enforcement agencies. The main hero is a regular person who, because … Read more


About This Game Rouge Wars is a great FPS game to play with friends or by yourself. Earn coins by playing to purchase new characters, weapon skins, and better weapons. Play with your friends with either 2,4,6, or 8 players on a team. Join your friends in a clan to group up with more people.We … Read more


About This Game The Game Trials of Argolis is a First-Person meele combat Bossrush set in Ancient Greece mixed with some fantasy elements. The Gameplay Trials of Argolis combines First-Person movement with fast paced melee combat requiring quick reflexes and well timed reactions, playing with a controller is recommended.After defeating a Boss you’ll be rewarded with Trial-Medals which you … Read more


About This Game This game is a simulation of self-isolation. The game takes place in a fictional country called the Yublin Federation where people get sick with a virus called SOVID-19. You are in self isolation. Only you, your work, your wife, your daughter and 4 walls. Money and products is limited and melting away … Read more